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Welcome to Visione Vintage

At Visione Vintage we aim to bring high quality, rare vintage to other wholesalers, resellers, and direct consumers.

SustainaVisione Vintagebility

Sustainable Vintage

We source inventory for clients worldwide to further close the gap in the used clothing cycle.

SustainaVisione Vintagebility

Credential & Institutional

Brokers of credential used clothing raw donations and institutional mixed clothing

SustainaVisione Vintagebility

Recycled Wiping Rags

Suppliers of recycled wiping rags , cut rags from unwearable cotton and blended fabric materials

SustainaVisione Vintagebility

Small & Large Vintage

Sorted vintage clothing for sellers big and small, offering large loads for major clients to 50 pound boxes for our smaller sellers

Step #1

View our categories in wholesale per piece and bulk mix vintage sections.

Step #2

Make your quantity selections and build your cart with the best wholesale vintage/retro fashion.

Step #3

Proceed to check out, and get the best wholesale vintage/retro merchandise shipped to your door. Stock your business today.

Premium Quality

Premium quality only from visione !

— Private Client

Blown Away

Actually blown away by how good this mix was, planning on ordering another in a week !

— Private Client

Great Bale

By the way the bale came today, so good as always man thank you !

— Private Client
Visione Vintage

Large and Small Wholesale Vintage Orders

We process orders for our customers at all sizes; from container loads, to as small as a few boxes. We keep the quality equal for every customer as well, big or small!


Visione Studios

Pre Loved Fashion Empowering Creatives