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Visione Vintage Supply Chain

We supply every cycle within the textile recycling industry please contact us with any inquires regarding product you may need!

What we offer !

Credential & Institutional : We provide original credential donations , quality institutional direct from thrift at competitive prices , to graders worldwide

Other commodities . We provide loads of shoes, bric brac, soft & hard toys and more

Graded goods: We offer an extensive collection of graded goods packed in 100LB bales supplying any market worldwide.

Wiping Rags: We supply multiple wiping rag products in full 40FT container loads, loading from our warehouses in, India, Pakistan, and honduras

Full container loads 20FT-40FT

Increased Flexibility: By offering both 20FT and 40FT container options gives our customers more flexibility in terms of their shipping needs. Some may have smaller orders that can fit into a 20FT container, while others may have larger orders that require a 40FT container. By accommodating both, we can cater to a wider range of clients.

Cost Efficiency: Depending on the size of the order, using a 20FT container might be more cost-effective for some customers compared to a 40FT container. By offering both options, we allow customers to optimize their shipping costs based on their specific needs.

Effecient loading to maximize your containers capacity 

Bulk Vintage Wholesale in a variety of categories 

We love what we do !

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